Edited by Niamh Reilly and Stacey Scriver



"It is impossible to do justice to the full richness of this collection, or to describe or even name all the contributors, widely located and speaking from so many contexts, regions, and faith backgrounds. But the editors have done an exemplary job, eliciting a high degree of clarity and cogency from all twenty. The volume challenges one’s prejudices, informs one’s thinking, and powerfully illuminates its topic." Click for full review
Patricia Coughlan, School of English, University College Cork, in the Journal of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions 4 (2017): 95-100

"Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere contributes to a timely and generative re-thinking of gender and its place in contemporary debates over religion, secularism and the public sphere."
Heather White, New College of Florida, USA

"The volume represents solid scholarship, and is particularly valuable in terms of its critical and interrogative stance on the construction and unproblematized oppositions of the "religious" and the "secular" in general, or of the "secular" West and the "religious" non-Western world more specifically. It would be especially valuable as a classroom text for modules dealing with religion, culture and gender."
Susannah Cornwall, University of Exeter, UK